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Road Tax FAQ

What is Road Tax? Plus

Road Tax or also known as vehicle road tax is a type of tax imposed on the owner of a motor vehicle before the said vehicle is allowed legally to be driven on the road.

Do I need road tax? Plus

Yes. Road Tax in Malaysia is compulsory. An individual is punishable by law if caught driving on the road without road tax or with an expired road tax.

Do I have to renew my road tax? Plus

Yes. Driving with an expired road tax is an offense and punishable by law.

Yes. The road tax rate is fixed and does not change. However, it varies depending on the different types of vehicle.

When do I have to renew my road tax? Plus

When your road tax is nearing the expiry date. The expiry date of your road tax can be found on the road tax itself.

The road tax renewal is available for a period of 6 months or 12 months, depending on owner's choice. Should the owner decide to renew in advance, the limit is only 2 months earlier than the expiry date.

What is the penalty if I drive with an expired road tax? Plus

According to the Road Transport Act of 1987, car owners could face a RM150 fine in Malaysia if the vehicle road tax and auto insurance are past due.

How much is my road tax? Plus

The road tax rate differs with different types of car. Check your road tax rate easily with our Road Tax Calculator!

Simply select the relevant option that applies and you're good to go!

Do Road Tax differ different types of cars? Plus

Yes. Different types of cars have different road tax rate in Malaysia.

Why are the road tax prices for different cars? Plus

There are 4 factors that affects the vehicle road tax rate. The factors are as below:

1. Engine Capacity

The higher the vehicle's engine capacity, the higher the road tax rate that the owner will bear.

2. Geographical Location

Road tax prices in Peninsular Malaysia are more expensive compared to the locations

For residents who have registered their vehicle in Labuan, Langkawi, and Pangkor, fixed road tax the charge for engine capacity below 1000cc is RM20

3. Types of Vehicle (Saloon Vs Non-Saloon)

The types of vehicle in this category divides in two, which is Saloon and Non-Saloon.


  • Sedan
  • Hatchback
  • Couple
  • Wagon
  • Convertible


  • MPV
  • SUV
  • Trak
  • Commercial

Vehicle that belongs in the Non-Saloon category usually have a more expensive road tax rate compared to the Saloon Category.

4. Ownership

If a car is registered under a company name, the car is classified as a commercial car. Therefore, the road tax for the said car is more expensive than a private car road tax.

How do I renew my road tax? Plus

These are the two most common ways for a car owner to renew his/her road tax in Malaysia. Refer the step-by-step below for guidance.

a) Renew Road Tax at Post Office

1. Provide required documents such as; vehicle ownership certificate (VOC), copy of existing insurance cover note

2. Visit the nearest post office near you. Click HERE for the full list of Post Office locations in Malaysia where you can renew your road tax.

3. Take a number upon your arrival and wait for your turn.

4. Submit the required document to the staff on duty

5. Wait for it to finish

b) Renew Road Tax at The Road Transport Department or also known as Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) / Urban Transformation Centre (UTC)

1. Provide required documents such as; vehicle ownership certificate (VOC), copy of existing insurance cover note

2. Visit the nearest JPJ Office or UTC locations near you. Click on the link below for the full list of JPJ Offices and UTC locations throughout Malaysia.

3. Take a number upon your arrival and wait for your turn.

4. Submit the required document to the staff on duty

5. Wait for it to finish

How do I renew my road tax online? Plus

There are two sites available for car owners to renew their road tax.


1. Log into the MyEG website and click on the Road Transport Department icon

2. Click on the “Renewal Road Tax” or Road Tax Renewal button. Then, complete all the required information such as identity card number, name, telephone number, email address, car registration number and road tax renewal period.

Car owners can opt for direct delivery via courier or self-collection at a nearby MyEG office once the road tax is done.

However, delivery to the preferred address (home or office) is subject to delivery charges as below:

  • Within Klang Valley (2 working days) - RM6.00
  • Within Peninsular Malaysia (2-5 working days) - RM8.00
  • Within Sabah and Sarawak (5 working days) - RM10.00

3. Ensure all the information entered is accurate. Quotes and charges will be displayed on the screen.

4. Click on 'Confirm & Pay' button once you agree with the amount.

5. Complete payment using a credit/debit card or via online banking as provided by the web to complete the transaction.

6. Once the payment is completed, download the payment receipt and keep it for reference.

7. Wait until the road tax is sent to your home based on the address provided.

Note: Should you need to go anywhere in the near future, print a temporary slip as proof that you have renewed your road tax and car insurance to avoid any unwanted summons.


1. Log into MySikap

2. Click on the Vehicle button

3. Click the Transaction/Action Submenu and select Motor Vehicle License Renewal (LKM)

4. Enter the vehicle registration number and proceed with 'search' button.

5. Review the information from database and click valid to continue with your road tax renewal.

6. Fill all the required information

7. Ensure all information are correct and proceed with payment.

8. You have successfully renewed your road tax. Collect your road tax as per your collection method.

What Do I need to renew my road tax? Plus

1. Identification Card

2. Vehicle ownership certificate (VOC)

3. Copy of existing insurance cover note

Note: Ensure that your car registration number does not have any outstanding summons or suit. Car owners will not be able to proceed to renew his/her road tax should the vehicle has any outstanding summons from the authorities.

Can I renew road tax for someone else’s car? Plus

Yes. The process and location remain the same.

How do I check for summons? Plus

Check via SMS! It's easy and fast. Everything is at the tip of your fingers.

a) JPJ Summons

Type JPJ<>SAMAN<>IC Number or Car Plate Number and send to 15888

JPJ SAMAN 650126055018

b) Police Summons

Type POLIS<>SAMAN<>IC Number or Car Plate Number and send to 15888

POLIS SAMAN 650126055018

Normally sender will receive a reply within 5 minutes of sending the SMS. Keep in mind that, this service comes with a messaging charged depending on respective telco provider.

Do new car include road tax? Plus

Yes. Therefore, choose your car wisely as the type of car will affect your Road Tax price and Car Insurance amount.

Do I need my insurance for my road tax? Plus

Car insurance is a protection that is a must for drivers in Malaysia. You will not be able to proceed with your road tax without your car insurance.

What is the difference between road tax and car insurance? Plus

Road Tax serves as a sign that the owner has fulfilled his/her responsibility of paying road tax.

While car insurance refers to coverage purchased by car owners. It aims to protect consumers and help reduce associated costs in the event of an accident, car breakdown, thief, natural phenomenon and others.

Is road tax included in a new car? Plus

Road tax is included in the OTR (On the road) pricing of a new car. Although the cost of insurance is not specified, car owners must have a policy in place before they can pay the road tax.