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Auto Warranty is an Extended Warranty policy which is provided by an Insurance Company or a third-party administrator company. An Extended Warranty is designed to protect consumers against unexpected cost and high repair bills to their vehicle. This Extended Warranty can be purchased by consumers when they purchase a used car or reconditioned car to cover their mechanical and electrical items.

Every year, thousands of cars (used, pre-owned or reconditioned) are sold with no warranty protection. Such vehicles may incur unexpected repair bills as they are not new and not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Furthermore, as the vehicle gets older and has more mileage, certain parts or systems may fail.

Yes, definitely. With a reputable Insurance Company supporting the Extended Warranty, consumers are assured of receiving their claims when they make them (subjected to terms and conditions).

Motor Trader Warranty, Japan's leading extended warranty provider, has been giving consumers Peace of Mind since 2010, and has been partnership with Goo Kantei, a third-party vehicle inspection service provider since 2006 which is certified by JAAA (Japan Automobile Appraisal Association). Motor Trader Warranty is underwritten by Berjaya Sompo Insurance Berhad, one of the leading insurance companies in Malaysia.

You can send your vehicle to our nearest authorized panel workshop to check on the problem. Our panel workshop personnel will advise and assist you to diagnose the problem. If the part that has a problem is covered under the terms of the extended warranty policy, then the workshop can make the necessary submission for the claim.

If your car breaks down anywhere in Malaysia, you can call the Berjaya Sompo Customer Careline at 1-300-88-3005 for assistance. The call centre operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and can provide assistance, including towing services.

All service and repairs must be performed at authorized appointed panel workshop listed in the booklet or web page. In accordance with the Terms & Conditions, vehicle service must be done every 3 months / 5,000KM if using for semi-synthetic / mineral oil or every 6 months / 10,000KM when using fully synthetic oil. The service job must be recorded by a stamp in the booklet by the authorized panel workshop which did it. The customer must keep all related invoices for reference, if requested.

If the claim is for a part or system which is listed and covered under the extended warranty policy, then no payment will be required. However, if a part or system claimed is not covered, then you will have to pay for it. Please refer to the warranty booklet for the list of all items that are covered under the warranty.

During the warranty coverage period (1 year or 25,000KM), the customer is required to have the vehicle serviced at the specified intervals at an authorized panel workshop listed. Failure to do so will immediately void the warranty and coverage will be terminated without any refund of the premium paid. Repairs on parts not covered by the policy coverage or wear and tear items can, however, be made at non-authorized panel workshops. It is important to keep your vehicle's history of servicing and invoices of work down to avoid any misunderstanding.

Yes, it can be cancelled by the policyholder at any time but no refund will be given.

No, this warranty is not exchangeable or transferable to another party, even if the vehicle is sold to that party. The policy is only valid for the policyholder and if the vehicle is sold off to another party, that party cannot make any claims under the policy.

Exclusive Policy : RM10,000 per claim and RM50,000 in total.

Prestige Policy : RM15,000 per claim and RM100,000 in total.

Both policies provide for claims up to the limit per claim, subject to approval by the insurance company.

Claims can be made at any of authorized panel workshop. Send in your car to the panel workshop near you and have the problem checked. If the item that is repaired or replaced is covered by the policy, submit a claim to Berjaya Sompo Insurance. Depending on what parts are claimed, it might take around 2 days or up to one week.

Motor Trader Warranty can be purchased at all Motor Trader Trusted dealers or directly by calling 1 300 88 1655

Yes, Motor Trader Warranty is available throughout Malaysia. In the event of a car breakdown, you can call the towing services to tow your car to the nearest authorized panel workshop applicable.

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Motor Trader Warranty Policy
  • Warranty Policy is only applicable to "newly purchase used or recondition vehicle"
  • Not applicable to existing vehicle
  • One-year limited warranty base on package & plan
  • Terms & Condition apply base on individual package & plan
  • All vehicle must be inspected before activation of policy
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